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Larimar Strategies – We’re Different

A beautiful ship at sea. Imagine it.

The ocean is calm… too calm. No wind fills the sails.

You check your map. Off-course, you’ve lost your bearings. No direction is clear because your compass has stopped working. You and your crew have lost motivation and enthusiasm. You’ve all but forgotten why you began this journey. There is no horizon in sight, and unease hangs in the air.

compassBusinesses can suffer the same fate.

Directionless and without fair winds, business needs a map to direct it, a strategy to guide it, and a crew that supports it.  Businesses that drift at sea facing the whims of mother nature cannot chart a path to actualizing their vision.

All businesses, big or small, need a North Star to guide them… and a solid plan to make it all happen.

That’s where we come in…

We get you focused.

We get you out of your head so you can plan.

We give you the tools to chart your course and change your direction.

We are Larimar.



The process felt personal, like I was being interviewed by a very experienced journalist… everything was documented. I felt cared for. Heard. Validated. Inspired. I had collaborators who understood that business success isn’t about the hustle,it’s about working the plan and planning to work.

Kathie Donovan

Thanks once again to you both for the powerhouse strategic planning session – it absolutely brought us to a new place. This work has provided a rock solid template to support us.

Maureen Donoghue and Marlene Armstrong, Unbridled Coaching

Thank you both so much for the terrific strategic plan for the Living Science Wellness Centre. We are thrilled to have a launching pad from the time we’ve spent together. It’s been a wonderful experience to sit down and spend valuable time planning out our goals for 2016. We really enjoyed the visioning and values exercise as well as your expert advice, shared experience and professionalism.

Susan Stephen, Living Science Wellness Centre