Collaborators in your future

Our approach is different.  We don’t use cookie cutter methods.  We become collaborators in your future and your ultimate success.  We customize our approach to your needs.  No one knows your business like you do, we don’t pretend to be experts in your field.  We guide you through the noise so you can fully engage with your team by trusting the process and allowing us to build your capacity and your arsenal of skills.  You see, this is not just about developing a strategy and a plan.  By coaching, training and imparting the foundational knowledge of the discipline of planning, your team becomes better equipped to be dedicated to the practice of planning, committed to the goals and objectives of the plan and better able to advance the plan.

Typical corporate strategies get published on websites or printed and put on a shelf.  When you walk into a Larimar Strategies’ client site, you will see fully visualized strategies on walls in boardrooms and offices.  They are used to guide meetings, they are used to educate their partners and stakeholders and year over year they are used to track their successes.

Our clients are proud of the work they have done!