Give your long list of to-do’s a logical and manageable sequence


You have been tasked to lead a project. You know what you need to achieve to be able to report success. You have a team to support you in your work. You have lists of all the things you need to accomplish to achieve your goal, but the lists and the seeming disorganization of the team have you overwhelmed.

A fully thought out plan helps you to get your long list of to-dos a logical and manageable sequence. It creates a methodical and structured approach to your project and it gives your team the visual and timing cues it needs to stay focused, stay informed, and stay on track.

Detailed project plans provide valuable insights to you and your team. They provide you with the tools you need to report up and to communicate out with key stakeholders and allow you to measure the success or your project. They help you to anticipate risks and to remain agile in the face of challenges. They are a vital tool in establishing budgets, allocating resources and help you to consider contingencies that keep you control.

Managing and planning your to-dos is invaluable to any project lead or manager. Arming yourself for the successful delivery of your work is paramount to your own personal success and the ultimate success of your organization.