We are Looking for an Addition to our Team

Are we looking for someone like you?

Are you a lifelong learner? Do you think in pictures? Are you in the graphics industry and want to do more than just graphics design? Do you like to dig deep and get to the heart of an issue? Do you doodle on napkins and scraps of paper when you are trying to explain something to someone (or maybe enthusiastically draw with your hands in the air?)

We are looking for a communication/visual designer to complement our unique work. We are looking for someone who creates visual concepts that communicate complex ideas that inspire, inform and captivate. Think infographics on steroids. We work with governments and the private/NGO sector. Our clients are innovators, they shape policy and legislation, they don’t think outside the box…there is no box. Our work educates and influences corporate decision-making. The visuals that accompany our work are so cutting edge and powerful they need little explanation. Our pictures are definitely worth a thousand words. We are looking for a brain that is fully turned on, connected and eager…oh, and one more thing, no grandstanding, ego or BS welcomed. We are a team that works together!

You work remotely with enough motivation to follow through, anticipate and deliver…but don’t get too comfortable working remotely, you will need to get to client meetings on time in a presentable and professional way…and you have the ability to get government security clearance.

Not only do you know all the ins and outs of the software that a communication/graphic designer requires, you have intellect. You have attention to detail and don’t need anyone to double check your work for mistakes. You are not left or right brained, YOU are innovatively middle brained!

You are mature, enthusiastic, creative, and you live your life in the art of the possible. You like being of service!

Initiative is really important to us. We don’t babysit our contractors. We stay ahead of our client’s needs and we expect our collaborators to do the same. We’re not mind readers, of course, but if you wait to be asked to do something really obvious, you may not be a good fit. And if you look at our poor website, bonus points for someone who would love to tear it apart and build one that truly reflects who we are! We’ve been so busy with work that it’s fallen by the wayside!

This would be a collaborative relationship, working on individual contracts as we need it, on a project by project basis. The consulting field is a challenging one…you never know where your next project will come from, but with some luck and a tonne of hard work, we’re able to take on the work we love and approach it creatively. We want someone who understands this environment and is up for that challenge too. We’re looking to build a long-term trusted mutually beneficial relationship. If you’re fly by night, then fly past us.

Intrigued? If this excites you rather than intimidates you, we really want to hear from you. Send us a pitch, rock our world and peak our interest. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the inner workings of business or government. A keen sense of learning, a desire to level up your skills and knowing your graphics stuff like a bass ass guru is a great start for us!

Those who don’t send a traditional CV will get our attention. In fact, please, don’t send us a traditional CV. We don’t do traditional kind of graphics work! The more unique your application is, the more we’ll pay attention. Your work should speak for itself and should definitely speak to us.

Send your pitch to jennifer@larimarstrategies.ca