Understanding WHY you do what you do

You feel you are doing all the right things. You are strategizing, meeting and planning, but year after year you find yourself gaining little traction on the goals and objectives that will allow you to reach your vision and your mission.

Organizations today are being challenged to do more with less. There is a constant hum of interruptions. Ideas and change are at the door and an environment of ongoing innovation is now the new normal. It becomes hard to keep up. Without a clear and concise strategy to ground you and your work, you become reactionary, ineffective and ill-prepared to remain focused on your goals.

A strategy, with a clear vision, mission and goals, is the life blood and pulse of any successful team. It is a living breathing representation of the passion that brings you and your colleagues to work every day. It must be embodied and internalized by everyone on your team, from your executives to your front desk and each and every person in between. It is your organization’s DNA to guide every decision, every tactic and each resource deployment.

Developing your corporate strategy is only part of the solution. To ensure long term success, it must also be communicated, embodied and embed it in your corporate culture. It should be an ever-present reminder of WHY you do what you do.

Are you living your corporate strategy?