Strategies and Plans are your Organization’s DNA

Organizations today are being challenged to do more with less.  There is a constant hum of interruptions, ideas and change at the door. An environment of constant change is now the new normal.

You are doing all the right things, strategizing, meeting, planning, but year after year you find yourself gaining little traction on the goals and objectives that will allow you to reach your vision and your mission.

A strategy, with a clear vision and goals, is the life blood and pulse of any successful team.  It is a living breathing representation of the passion that brings you and your colleagues to work every day.  It must be embodied and internalized by everyone from your executive team to your front desk and every person in between.  It is your organization’s DNA.

Whether you are running a not for profit, a small business or a national association, it doesn’t matter what your bottom line is.  Organizations need a clear vision that is supported by a realistic plan – but to ensure long term success – you must communicate it, embody it and embed it in your organization’s culture. This is what we call future shaping!


Working with Larimar Strategies will allow you to:

  • Empower your entire team to see where they fit into the big picture of your organization
  • Make informed decisions to support your vision and goals…if it is not in the strategy or in the plan, why are you doing it?
  • Give your long list of “to-dos” timing and a logical and manageable sequence
  • Be able to measure meaningful performance and track success against your strategy
  • Have the reporting tools you need to report up or communicate out to key stakeholders
  • Focus on the right things so you can be nimble and agile when you need to adapt to unforeseen circumstances
  • Give your organization the credibility it needs to attract investors, sales, members or funding
  • Break down silos
  • Increase employee retention rates
  • Work more efficiently and with greater effectiveness