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Future Shaping Strategies

When we set out to start a business or when we step out into the world to pursue a particular role or career, we have a vision of what our ultimate goal is.  But, have you actually taken the time to visualize how you will actualize the goal?

Whether you are a solopreneur, CEO of your own business or you lead a team within an organization, everyone needs a solid Strategy that will allow you to reach your ultimate goals.  It becomes a living breathing representation of who you are and why you exist in the world, your North Star.  It allows you to align your business values with your core personal values. It gives you a game plan that brings more balance and clarity to your actions and allows you to ultimately flip the switch from being reactionary to being purpose-driven.

The beauty of developing a Strategy is that it is not complicated, really.  It is a necessary tool for anyone who has a goal they want to achieve in business or in life. All that is required is the time and the space to ask yourself the right questions, to focus on your unique strengths and to confidently take the next step along your path.

Powerful Planning

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”, so says motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

So you have established your values, you have articulated your goals and your business strategy, now what?  It is time for the rubber to hit the road.

Business Planning allows you to get out of your head and get it all down on paper.  Often times we are so bogged down in the lists and lists of lists, we have no ability to stand back and see the bigger picture.  What priorities do I need to work on first?  When will actually finish a project and be able to move on to another?  Will this work actually help me get closer to my vision?  Employing a disciplined and collaborative approach to planning and reporting means you are more likely to achieve success against your strategy.   Maintaining alignment between planning tools and your strategy seems obvious, but can often be overlooked.  We help you make sense of the chaos and challenge you to optimize and articulate your path forward collectively. Teams who plan together see the future together.

Engaging Facilitation

People want to be heard, validated, confident and safe when they take part and speak up in team working sessions.  Having Larimar facilitate your working sessions allows the entire team to focus and engage on what is really important. Our sessions provide an environment where people are empowered and trusted to share their ideas and visions, where leaders are part of the process, not dictating the process. Our dynamic approach provides clarity and unity that is the key building a resilient and agile team.

Thinking in Pictures

Humans are visual creatures.  In fact, 65% of the population are visual learners. So why wouldn’t we embrace this way of thinking and deliver products that resonate with this majority? Plus, we love to draw!  Our world is more visual than ever before. Social media, viral hits, and mass visual consumption are all around us. In business, it is so important that your message, your mission and vision and your strategy and plan be communicated in clear ways. The tools that we develop communicate who you are as an organization, why you come to work and why you do what you do.  It breaks down communication barriers, makes meetings more productive and is an effective way to getting to the heart of important issues.  Using cues that draw on your organization’s branding and messaging, we are able to develop beautiful and meaningful pieces that resonate, unify and articulate who you are – both within the organization, and to your clients, associates, and stakeholders outside of your organization.