Natalia Popowych


I have spent my career developing and delivering customized interactive workshops on strategy design, project planning, and visual thinking. I love to design and run highly engaging working sessions that get people focused and out of their day to day pressures.

Workplace stress is contagious, but so is workplace wellness! As an advocate for professional resiliency for more than 20 years, I’ve been developing and delivering people focused workshops in the public, private and NGO space to guide teams to creatively and logically achieve objectives and overcome challenges around workplace wellness and professional resiliency.  Solid business strategy design, mission and vision development, and change management support, I practice what I preach by ensuring that every team member is part of the process and every concept is explored.

“When you support teams and give them the space to have the most impactful discussions, you begin to actually make a difference.  Only you know where you want to go – it is my job to get you there, and before you even know it, you’ve have arrived!”


Jennifer Bohan

Jennifer Bohan


Natalia and i have been working together for more than 15 years. Our lives are opposite in many ways and we often approach things from different perspectives. Yin and yang; polar opposites; that is how we often describe ourselves. The beauty is, that’s why larimar works. We balance each other, and that balances the work we do.

I have supported executives and their teams for more than thirty years. With a passion for writing and capturing the essence at the heart of ideas and concepts, I bring life to the language that grounds teams and sets the direction for organizational success. Ultimately, outstanding projects lead to happy clients who achieve results.  I like it when stuff happens and when things get accomplished. I like checkmarks.

I love seeing businesses thrive, and I love seeing people empowered to succeed.

Clarity is power!