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We work with mindful leaders and their teams to help them shape the future they want

Larimar Strategies is a female-founded, Canadian business with a mission to empower and help mold the next generation of strong, savvy and resilient businesswomen and leaders in Ottawa and across Canada. This is our true path. Everything has led us right here. We understand because we have the experience and understanding to get to the heart of the issues.

It has been proven that connection can lower anxiety and depression, help regulate emotions, build self-esteem and empathy, and can improve our immune systems. When we neglect the human need to connect, we put our health at risk. CMHA

what if…

What if we approached organizations the same way? What if we recognized the importance of connection within the organizational community? What if you could strengthen your organizational immunity? What if you took a strategic and thoughtful approach to boost your organizational immunity?

We firmly believe that the key to every successful organization is its people. They are its lifeblood and its DNA. And people at their core innately yearn and strive for connection.

At Larimar, we understand that now, more than ever before, it is not only connectivity and technology that brings us together, rather it is the human connection. Larimar places a high value on the power of engagement, interaction, collective learning and community building in our sessions. Rather than team building, we like to think of it as team empowering.

Nothing builds a teams’ confidence and immunity more than knowing they are not alone, that someone has their back, that they have a community of supports and tools at their disposal, and that sees them and hears them.

we believe


The core of a successful organization is its people.


Connectivity doesn’t empower a team, connection does.


There is power in engagement, collective learning, and community.


Chief Strategist, Goal Achiever, and Convener of People and Ideas

Give me a whiteboard, flip chart, post-it notes and some markers and I can do almost anything!

As an advocate for professional resiliency for more than two decades, I believe that empowered teams, enlightened leadership and strong cultures enable an organization or business to grow, thrive and adapt more easily to challenge and change. Two things that we’ve seen more of in the last two years than ever before.

I have spent my career developing and implementing interactive, engaging and enlightening sessions that help leaders empower their teams to be their best. Everyone has each other’s back. Everyone is lifted up. No one is left behind. This is my why.

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Lead Writer, Co-creator, Goal Seeker

Yin and yang. This is how we describe the delicate complimentary balance that is Larimar.

I have supported business leaders and their teams for over thirty years. As Larimar’s lead writer, project manager and quality control specialist, I am able to capture the essence of a concept or idea and blend words to build unity, clarity and connection for any audience.

Having a safe place for discussions and engagement where every perspective, lived experience, and idea is thought of as an opportunity rather than a distraction from the course, that is the culture I want to support. Organizational credibility and positive organizational values and culture can only be created when teams are tapped into at every level. When teams feel heard and valued, they bring passion and purpose to their work. That is the ultimate goal of every Larimar engagement.

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Our toolbelt is packed and we come equipped to shine a bright spotlight on resilience, purpose, leadership and genuine connection within an organization.

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Helping unearth the true potential of an organization - moving forward, together.